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Hard at work.
Art and being creative have always been a passion for me. I feel that there is little that satisfies me more than creating a piece of art or designing a set that stands out. There is always a balance that must be maintained because crossing the line can make what could be a fantastic piece of work into something less than stellar. That is where the hard work and dedication come into play. When one truly studies his passions and learns from all aspects of his surroundings success begins to show its head more and more often. It is sometimes a tough road, but a road well worth it.
I studied Entertainment Art at Cal State University Fullerton. My primary focus was in animation and illustration. After I graduated I found my way into the entertainment industry working in live action films, shorts and commercials. The skills I learned while in this industry began with Set Dressing and would lead too Set Design and Art Direction.

I still aggressively peruse Illustration and had the wonderful opportunity to be the lead artist on the Graphic Novel "The Antiquarian".

Thank you for taking the time to read this and I hope you enjoy looking through some of my art-work.